Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on January 19, 2014
Someone Is Stealing Plants In Duboce Triangle
A neighbor has captured footage of someone stealing plants in the middle of the night from sidewalk gardens on Walter Street.

In one video, dated December 22nd at 3:45am, a man appears to steal three planted succulents from outside a home on Walter, just south of Duboce Avenue: In another, dated January 6th at 12:37am, a man is seen across the street stealing one of a pair of potted trees, placing it in a yellow tarp, and then slinging it over his shoulder and walking away: One resident of the home in the succulent garden theft has posted flyers in the area in the hopes of catching the thief. The resident alleges that both thefts were committed by the same man, as identified by his jacket and messenger bag in the videos. "Let's catch this lowlife," the resident writes. Anyone with information is asked to email dubocethief [at] gmail {{dot}} com.