Anti-Eviction Protest Hits Paolo Shoes On Hayes

Anti-Eviction Protest Hits Paolo Shoes On Hayes
Via Peter Menchini/Vimeo
By Rose Garrett - Published on October 17, 2014.
A tense scene unfolded yesterday afternoon at 524 Hayes St., a location of Italian-SF shoe outlet Paolo Shoes, as an anti-eviction group gathered to protest owner Paolo Iantorno's alleged involvement in a host of ongoing Ellis Act evictions around the city. 

Sergio Iantorno, Paolo's father, is a local landlord so infamous he was featured in a New Yorker article on the topic. The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a group that among other things targets landlords who use the Ellis Act to evict tenants, has named Sergio one of their "dirty dozen” for his long history in the city. 

Sergio's son Paolo was a target for protesters because, in addition to running his retail store locations, he also works in real estate with his father.

Yesterday, a group of activists bearing signs and chanting "Stop the evictions" entered Paolo's shoe store in Hayes Valley to protest. In the video, which shows him grabbing protest signs and ordering protesters out, he denies responsibility for evictions. "I'm a shoe store owner. I have no part in any of this ... It has nothing to do with me or my business." 

However, The New Fillmore has reported that Paolo has been spending most of his time working for the family real estate business, Realty West. In addition, one protester interviewed in the video below claims that Paolo Iantorno's name was on the buyout offer he received as part of the eviction process. 

Here's the video from yesterday's protest:

The protest cooled down after the police showed up, but the issue appears far from resolved. We've reached out to Iantorno for further comment, and will update when we hear back. 

Thanks to tipsters Patrick Connors and Eric A. Vasallo.