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Published on August 15, 2016
3 Spots to Catch a Montreal Sunrise

There’s a Montreal sunrise waiting to greet you. Here are the best spots to watch it happen:

1. Mont Royal
Due to municipal restrictions that limit the height of Montreal’s skyscrapers to 200 meters, the view from Chalet du Mont Royal, a building near Mont Royal’s summit is unobscured. 1196 Camillien-Houde Rd.

Photo Ralzyoud (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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2. Belvédère Camilien-Houde
Belvédère Camilien-Houde is a well-known lookout spot, ideal for watching the sunrise as it is located on the east side of Mont Royal.

Photo via Roisinroci (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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3. Lachine Canal
Spanning 14.5 kilometres, the Lachine Canal runs from the Old Port of Montreal to Lake Saint-Louis, and provides vistas of the downtown area.

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