Boutique Medical Practice 'Parsley Health' To Open First SF Location This Month

Boutique Medical Practice 'Parsley Health' To Open First SF Location This Month

Dr. Robin Berzin (left) is the CEO and founder of Parsley Health. (Photo: Courtesy of Parsley Health)

By Elaine Gavin - Published on November 01, 2016.

On November 15th, boutique medical practice Parsley Health will debut its first location in San Francisco, at 600 California St. The members-only medical office will debut its new location on the 11th floor of the building, inside of the California Street location of coworking space WeWork

Parsley Health's annual memberships, which run $1,600-1,800 per year depending on payment plan, include five annual doctor's visits, specialized nutrition and health coaching, lab tests, supplements, and unlimited email contact. All patient medical records can be stored and accessed online, and appointments can be conducted via phone and video as well. 

The practice is the first of its kind to partner with WeWork, which is by design, says founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin. "Parsley Health is nothing like a traditional doctor's office, and we wanted our setting to reflect that we are the future of modern healthcare." The company already has locations in WeWork offices in New York and Los Angeles. (Patients do not need to be WeWork members to access its services.)

The lobby at 600 California St. Parsley Health will be located on the 11th floor. | Photo: Elaine Gavin/Hoodline

While the price for Parsley is steep, Berzin says patients benefit by getting much more face time than they would at a traditional doctor's office. "On average, our doctors spend more than 200 minutes with their patients a year, compared to 19 minutes on average [for traditional medical offices]."

Being stationed inside of an office space also provides a firsthand look at the ailments that afflict many of the company's busy, hard-charging customers. “We treat so many patients for symptoms associated with burnout," Berzin explained. "Being in the midst of a WeWork keeps us grounded in the real world that our patients operate in every day.” 

At the San Francisco location, the lead doctor will be Tiffany Lester, who attended medical school at the University of Cincinnati and completed a two-year integrative medicine fellowship with celebrity physician Dr. Andrew Weil, who specializes in holistic healthcare.

While Parsley Health is designed to address all of a patient's general medical needs (and refer them to specialists as needed), patients are still required to carry insurance, and the practice doesn't provide urgent care or emergency services. "We do vitamin shots in the office and we see patients, but there isn’t heavy equipment," Berzin said.

With that said, there are definitely some conveniences to being a member. For non-serious issues like a UTI or sinus infection, patients can request a last-minute prescription by phone or online, and a doctor will e-prescribe the medicine. 

Unlike One Medical Group, a boutique practice that now boasts more than two dozen locations in and around the city, Parsley is focusing on just one San Francisco location for now. But they're optimistic that the sort of highly connected peop to whom a coworking space like WeWork appeals will also see the benefit of joining their network.

"Building a community of doctors, health coaches and patients is core to Parsley Health's mission," said Berzin. "It's a value that we share with WeWork, and we're incredibly lucky to get to be a part of their community and bring Parsley Health's message to theirs.”

Parsley Health is offering a 40 percent lifetime discount to customers who sign up for the San Francisco practice before the opening date. More information is available on its website