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Published on August 01, 2023
Superwoman Grandma Defends Oakland Home: 75-Year-Old Fires Back at Intruders Amid City's Crime SurgeGoogle Maps

In an incredible show of bravery, a 75-year-old woman in Oakland, California, took on a pair of armed home intruders last week, firing a single shot from her .357 Magnum to ward off the criminals. The unidentified woman, who survived the life-threatening encounter uninjured, valiantly defended her home during the city's recent surge in violent crime.

The home invasion occurred in the early hours of July 26 near the Oakland Zoo, when two armed men forced their way into the house, prompting the elderly homeowner to take swift action. Displaying commendable courage and presence of mind, the woman grabbed her revolver and fired at the intruders, who subsequently returned fire and fled the scene with stolen valuables.

"It's absolutely unbelievable what she was able to do," the woman's daughter told KTVU, praising her mother's fortitude. "It's amazing. She is a Superwoman. We're all just lauding her and just amazed at her wherewithal."

The incident marks just one episode in a broader trend of escalating violence in the city, the San Francisco Chronicle noted. The Oakland NAACP has called on local officials to declare a state of emergency in response to the public safety crisis, as residents face a wave of shootings, home invasions, and killings.

Though the city grapples with these challenges, the courage displayed by the 75-year-old woman serves as a stark reminder that Oakland residents remain determined to combat lawlessness. "This woman is a hero," neighbor Dave Lederer told KTVU. "She kept her wits about her."

Moreover, the incident highlights the growing sentiment among the city's population that enough is enough, with the elderly woman's daughter stating, "I believe that this is a message also for the criminals, that people in Oakland, we're tired of the lawlessness. People are standing up. People are fighting back."