San Diego County Fair Goes Back in Time in 2024's Retro Extravaganza

San Diego County Fair Goes Back in Time in 2024's Retro ExtravaganzaSource: San Diego County Fair
Ben J. Costas
Published on September 13, 2023

San Diego County Fair has unveiled its retro theme for the 2024 installment, taking fairgoers on a nostalgic journey through the decades. "Let's Go Retro" will be the main attraction from June 12 to July 7, 2024, featuring a collection of iconic moments from the 50s to the 90s, according to a recent report by SanDiegoVille.

Conceived as a tribute to nostalgia and bringing communities together, the "Let's Go Retro" theme was revealed during the 22nd District Agricultural Association's Board of Directors meeting. From the 50s' happier days to the flashy, flannel-filled 90s, visitors will get a chance to relive some of the best times in pop culture history. The focus won't be solely on the past though; the fair also aims to explore what we might eventually consider "retro" in our future.

Carlene Moore, CEO of the District that produces the annual event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, emphasized the relevance of the theme. She stated that throughout the decades, the San Diego County Fair has served as a gathering place for diverse communities, according to SanDiegoVille.

Expect to don your dancing shoes for live bands and DJs, transporting you back to the days of platform shoes, go-go boots, and big hair. Alongside musical entertainment, the "Let's Go Retro" theme offers an arcade installation and plenty of themed foods like Cheese Whiz and Funyun casserole, milkshakes, and classic diner-style burgers. Of course, fair classics such as rides, exhibits, agriculture, animals, and art will be part of the festivities, with an ocean view to boot.

Themes at the San Diego County Fair have been a major attraction for visitors in the past. The 2023 theme, "Get Out There," was a celebration of the great outdoors and the recreational opportunities that San Diego County provides. This collaboration with County of San Diego Parks and Recreation, as well as California State Parks, proved to be a major success—resulting in increased paid attendance, ride usage, and reduced traffic for those attending the fair.

Additional information about the summer's biggest bash, including the grandstand show lineup, food options, advance ticket purchasing, and ride passes, will be available on in the coming months.