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Published on September 12, 2023
South Santa Clara County Scores a Fourth Caltrain Service From Gilroy and Morgan Hill to San FranciscoSource: Chris Enright, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As ever-growing demands in public transportation arise in and around the Bay Area, residents of South Santa Clara County now have cause for excitement as Caltrain introduces a fourth weekday train service from Gilroy and Morgan Hill to San Francisco. This vital enhancement is marked by the collective efforts of regional partners, aiming to address the region's transit needs and providing commuters with greater flexibility and convenience.

The decision to expand the service came to fruition due to the collaboration among Caltrain, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), and the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill, with a strong focus on improving accessibility and connectivity for the communities involved. Recognizing the growing demand for commuter rail services, the additional train is paving the way for a better overall transportation experience. This initiative has been met with overwhelmingly enthusiastic support from local officials and community leaders alike.

Gilroy Mayor Marie Blankley said, "We are ecstatic about the expansion of weekday Caltrain service from Gilroy and Morgan Hill to San Francisco" according to the City of Gilroy's official announcement. She reflects on the importance of the new service, highlighting the benefits of reducing congestion on roads and contributing to a more sustainable future. Blankley envisions a future where Gilroy and Morgan Hill are better connected to the Bay Area's thriving job growth, fostering economic development and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

The momentum for this much-needed expansion comes from the persistent efforts of staff members from Morgan Hill and Gilroy, Caltrain, and VTA. Morgan Hill Mayor Mark Turner emphasized the importance of collaboration as a driving factor, saying, “The addition of the fourth train is both a short-term and long-term victory for South County residents." Turner acknowledged the contributions of his peers in making this happen and underscored the impact of creating more connectivity options through mass transit, particularly on the environment, as it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Caltrain will soon offer the best rail service South County has ever seen,” remarked Jeff Gee, Chair of the Caltrain Board of Directors. The addition of the fourth train ensures that even more South County residents can experience the advantages of using Caltrain.

VTA Board Vice Chair and a Caltrain Board of Director Representative, Cindy Chavez expressed her satisfaction as well, stressing the significance of the fourth train as an important connector for South County. She notes that this development has been eagerly awaited.

In order to make sure the new train service schedule would meet the preferences and requirements of commuters, Caltrain conducted a survey in June. The valuable feedback received from the residents of South County helped shape the service enhancements, making it a truly customer-centric initiative.

A joint press conference marking the launch of the fourth train will be hosted by Caltrain, VTA, and the cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill on September 25, at the Gilroy Transit Center. The event will feature speakers such as Mayor Marie Blankley, Mayor Mark Turner, Board Representative Cindy Chavez, and Board Chair Jeff Gee, providing ample opportunity for the public to learn more about this significant enhancement. Immediately after the press conference, members of the press were invited to join elected officials in riding the inaugural train from Gilroy to Morgan Hill.

For additional information about the expanded Caltrain service or to know more about the latest developments, please visit the official Caltrain website.

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