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Published on September 14, 2023
Two Weekends of Transit Challenges, Protecting Nature and Upgrading Track Work Amidst Temporary DelaysSource: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Travelers in Contra Costa County who rely on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system should prepare themselves for temporary delays. BART has planned two non-consecutive weekends of hazardous tree removal and track work between Pleasant Hill and Concord stations in October. While BART riders can expect added inconvenience, safety and environmental concerns are being addressed through this initiative.

On the weekends of October 14-15 and October 28-29, transit riders will need to make use of free bus bridges provided in place of train service. These temporary buses will transport riders between the Pleasant Hill and Concord stations, with possible delays of up to 30 minutes. This scheduled disruption, as BART carries out crucial safety measures, aims to protect both the public and the environment as winter storms approach.

In anticipation of severe weather events, BART has launched an initiative to remove potentially dangerous trees and make much-needed track improvements. By providing workers with enough space to safely carry out their jobs, this move helps ensure commuters' safety alongside ongoing infrastructure upgrades. According to the official BART announcement, San Francisco-bound riders looking to avoid the bus bridge should start their trip at the Pleasant Hill station.

To make the most of the two-weekend shutdowns, BART has also planned for additional track work to take place alongside the tree removal project. By combining the two tasks, BART minimizes the impact on daily commuters while still safeguarding the environment and upgrading infrastructure. To further support riders during this time, travelers may keep up to date on projects affecting the service by visiting BART's Alerts and Advisories page.

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