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Published on November 28, 2023
Waltham Workers Unearth Cannonball Cache, Prompting Bomb Squad ResponseStock Rendering

In Waltham, a construction crew made an unexpected discovery when they unearthed a collection of antique cannonballs on Monday. While digging for a new electrical conduit on Foundry Avenue, the workers found the metallic orbs, prompting a call to the Bomb Squad. The find led to evacuations of nearby buildings and a shopping plaza as a precaution. The cannonballs, estimated to be about thirteen in total, were safely removed to be disposed of, as reported by CBS Boston.

The discovery caused quite the disruption, as the Bomb Squad's presence turned an ordinary day into an event-filled one. They worked throughout the day to ensure the safe handling and removal of these historical artifacts. Adding to the safety measures, a Hazmat team evaluated the site to ensure there were no harmful contaminants present, according to Boston 25 News.

Waltham Deputy Chief Steven Champeon commented on the find. "After a visual inspection and interviews at the scene, bomb techs and a heavy equipment operator were able to carefully dislodge several more of these items from a pipe in the trench." This mundane Monday became anything but typical for the crew and the emergency response teams involved. Fortunately, the incident was resolved without any injuries or danger to the public, as corroborated by Boston 25 News.