Boston Market Shuts Down Saugus & Waltham Locations, Ruffling Feathers in Massachusetts

Boston Market Shuts Down Saugus & Waltham Locations, Ruffling Feathers in MassachusettsSource: Google Street View
Sam Cavanaugh
Published on November 24, 2023

It's the end of an era for a pair of Boston Market locations in Massachusetts. The renowned roasters have shut their doors in Saugus and Waltham, leaving rotisserie chicken aficionados with fewer places to indulge within the Route 128 beltway. Fans of fire-kissed fowl and homestyle sides are left wondering what led to the closure of these beloved establishments as per the article in Boston Restaurants.

According to a local food blog, the two locations have vanished from the chain's radar—with the Saugus store wiped from the Boston Market website—and although the Waltham spot still appears online, an ominous "permanently closed" status pops up on Google, complemented by a storefront seemingly under renovation. The source adds that efforts are underway to confirm the Waltham branch's definitive closure. If true, such a move would leave only Medford and Quincy to serve the area inside the route's confines.

Originating as Boston Chicken back in the mid-1980s in Newton, the chain has seen its fair share of changes, including a rebrand to the current Boston Market moniker and relocating its headquarters to the Rockies during the '90s. Its reach once spanned from inner-city neighborhoods to suburbs, with outlets sprinkled across the state in locales like Brockton, Framingham, and Lawrence.

The company's ethos, as stated on its website, has always centered around "awesome rotisserie meals." They proudly claim, "Nobody does it like we do," with a made-from-scratch mentality that resonates with those who cherish an old-fashioned, home-cooked meal. But it's not just about the chicken; their kitchen operates with a homemade ethos: "Our all-natural chicken is freshly roasted every hour," and "Chocolate chunk cookies are baked fresh every morning," staying true to a philosophy of freshness that's always been their cornerstone Boston Market boasts.

As dinner tables miss what once was a go-to for family-sized portions and dishes even the pickiest of tykes would happily munch on, the community reflects on the space these spit-roasted sanctuaries held in their hearts. Boston Market's closure serves as a bitter reminder that in the ever-evolving landscape of American dining, not even the most seasoned of institutions are immune to the changing tastes and tides of the industry.