DaRon Bland Feasts on NFL Record, Cowboys' Breakout Star Cements Historic Pick-6 Majesty Against Commanders

DaRon Bland Feasts on NFL Record, Cowboys' Breakout Star Cements Historic Pick-6 Majesty Against CommandersSource: Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Sofia Vasquez
Published on November 24, 2023

Forget about the turkey, because the real feast this Thanksgiving was served up by Dallas Cowboys cornerback DaRon Bland, who carved himself a slice of NFL history. In a standout moment that had Cowboys fans gobbling up the excitement, Bland snagged his fifth pick-6 of the season, setting an unprecedented NFL record. A defensive dynamo, Bland's 63-yard dash to the end zone added the cherry on top of a 45-10 demolition of the Washington Commanders on Thursday according to CBS News.

Trying to rescue his team from the brink of humiliation, but throwing the ball straight into the welcoming arms of Bland, Commanders rookie QB Sam Howell hoped for a miracle. The cornerback, who was drafted in the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft, has proven to be worth his weight in gold—or in this case, touchdowns, out-muscling even the stars of the offense on the scoreboard. After breaking away from a cluster of desperate Washington players, including receiver Terry McLaurin and running back Brian Robinson Jr., Bland zigzagged his way, to the chagrin of the Commanders, into the end zone and into the record books.

"Actually, I wanted to show my teammates my return skills," Bland kicked off the trash-talking after the game, as he reveled in the glory of his historic stat padding. "That's what they said, 'We've seen a lot of pick-6s, we got to see one with return skills.' Hopefully, I showed them," Bland told interviewed reporters, embracing his new role as a dual-threat defender as per NBC DFW.

Before dancing his way through Washington's almost defenseless attempts at tackling for the record-setting touchdown, Bland etched his name alongside the greats like Jim Kearney and Ken Houston. With a portfolio boasting pick-6's against the likes of Daniel Jones and Mac Jones—no relation except in Bland's personal highlight reel of conquests—Bland's season has been nothing short of a pick-pocketing masterpiece. "I wasn't going to be denied on that one," Bland boasted, adding another notch to his belt as the second-most prolific touchdown scorer for the Cowboys this year, just behind wide receiver CeeDee Lamb according to NBC DFW.