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Green Line Grinds to a Halt: Commuters Brace for Transit Chaos as MBTA Shuts Down Key Segments

Green Line Grinds to a Halt: Commuters Brace for Transit Chaos as MBTA Shuts Down Key SegmentsSource: Google Street View
Benjamin Cortez
Published on November 26, 2023

Commuters facing the daily grind on the MBTA Green Line come Monday are in for a rough ride as the service hits the skids with multiple disruptions expected through early December. As detailed by NBC Boston, starting November 27, key stretches of the oldest subway line in the U.S. will shut down, compelling weary travelers to seek out alternative routes involving shuttle buses, free bus services, and Commuter Rail options.

Caught in the transit turmoil, passengers between North Station and Kenmore, in particular, will find their usual rails out of service until December 5. Although riders can reroute via Orange Line service to traverse between North Station and Back Bay. According to MBTA’s announcement, free shuttle buses will bridge the gap between Copley and Kenmore during this time, with the Commuter Rail offering no-cost rides between the South Station, Back Bay, and Landsdowne trifecta.

Meanwhile, over on the B Branch, passengers won't get so much as a whiff of train service from Kenmore to Babcock Street. Shuttle buses will pick up the slack, shadowing the familiar track from Copley all the way to Babcock Street. A silver lining can be found for locals, as the 57 bus picks up the tab and offers fare-free travel for the journey from Kenmore to Packard’s Corner.

Across the E Branch expanse, the situation spirals with no trains running between Copley and Heath Street. The 39 bus offers its service, sans charge, gallantly mirroring the E Line route. Further disruptions will choke the D and E Branch, where North Station to Lechmere will see train service as absent as stars in the daylight come December 4 and 5. Shuttle services will attempt to fill these profound voids in public transport with riders cautioned to allow extra travel time, according to reminders plastered by the MBTA.

From November 27 to December 10, with no trains between North Station and Medford/Tufts, alternate chariots await in the form of shuttles, stretching their service from North Station all the way to Medford/Tufts. Similarly, the D branch will take on the semblance of a ghost train between North Station and Union Square, with shuttle services and a convoy of buses including the 86, 91, CT2, and 87 answering the call to serve the transit-stranded masses.

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