Sunny Spells Meet Weekend Storms in Climate Rollercoaster in Houston

Sunny Spells Meet Weekend Storms in Climate Rollercoaster in HoustonSource: Unsplash/ Raychel Sanner
John Becker
Published on November 28, 2023

After a wintry brush with a cold front that gifted North Texas its first freeze and left snow in its wake-up in the Panhandle. Houstonians are now wrapping up in layers to brave morning temperatures clinging to the 30s and 40s, according to a Houston Chronicle report.

The Texas city, in a short respite, is set to bask in clearer skies with the high atmospheric pressure eagerly moving in after the front. This respite is forecast to quickly warm up to deliver slightly toastier temps come Tuesday afternoon with highs mildly cozy in the upper 50s to low 60s; it's several degrees off the mark than what's usual for a late November in Houston. A shift in winds carries forth air quality issues, with the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality cautioning those sensitive to particulates to take note of pesky urban pollutants that may just put a damper on those deep breaths of fresh air.

ABC13 teases the cool weather to persist while the next rainmaker looms on the outskirts, plotting its return by Thursday. This is predicted to seriously moisten plans, bringing back humidity and the potential for a 70 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms.

The downpours are set to squarely address the nearly nine-inch rainfall deficit that the year to date has left in its wake.