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Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport Claims Layover King Title in Texas, Crowned by MarketWatch

Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport Claims Layover King Title in Texas, Crowned by MarketWatchSource: Google Street View
John Becker
Published on November 30, 2023

MarketWatch crowned Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport the cream of the crop for killing time between flights. This north Houston hub is not only number one for your pitstop pleasure, but it's also serving up a 4.5-star food and beverage experience that's got travelers forgetting the stress of layovers faster than you can say "extra BBQ sauce," as Chron.com reports.

MarketWatch praises Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport for top-notch shopping, dining, and amenities, making it a hit for frequent flyers. With lush lounges, including Centurion Lounges for Amex users, it offers luxury in transit. Families aren't forgotten, as Houston takes third place with family-friendly features like bathrooms, nursing rooms, and play areas, turning layovers into a welcome reprieve.

Still, not everyone is soaring high in the stats; some layovers are more pit than stop, and such is the tale for passengers at Orlando International Airport, which hit the skids with rock-bottom seat availability, tying with Newark Liberty International for unimpressive shopping and San Francisco International for subpar food service staff, leaving travelers craving more across the board. Meanwhile, Texas's own Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport barely skates by, landing a solid but less than stellar 10th worst in the nation, as per MarketWatch's findings.

Yet, when you zoom out to the big picture, the Wall Street Journal's ranking paints a different, more illustrious portrait of Houston's flying fields; both George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) and William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) outshined many, with IAH stepping up its game from seventh to an undisclosed higher echelon and Hobby catapulting to the top five—a soaring 15-point leap that's as hard to ignore as a crying baby in first class. According to Fly2Houston.com beamed, the airports shine with on-site parking, restrooms clean enough to make you forget you're in an airport, dine-worthy Wi-Fi, and child-friendly spaces that actually welcome the patter of little feet.

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