Jamaica Plain Gets Frothy as Drawdown Brewing Taps into Boston's Beer Scene with a Social Twist

Jamaica Plain Gets Frothy as Drawdown Brewing Taps into Boston's Beer Scene with a Social TwistSource: Google Street View
Mitch M. Rosenthal
Published on November 29, 2023

Drawdown Brewing Company is set to pour out some hoppy goodness in early December. Beer aficionados and neighborhood barflies, mark your calendars because this new hotspot on Washington Street is powered by none other than Liz Nicol, a pioneer blending the frothy world of craft beer with a zest for social responsibility, according to the Boston Restaurants Blog.

The taproom, nestled in Egleston Square, promises to be an intimate affair with seating for 36 thirsty patrons and an occupancy capping at 100—perfect for those who appreciate a close-knit drinking environment, with a New England IPA, a Cream Ale, an Alt Bier, and a Porter headlining the menu, as per Boston Restaurants Blog.

As Nicol told Boston Restaurants Blog, "Drawdown will be a welcoming space for all. We're excited to be part of this vibrant neighborhood which has a reputation for celebrating diversity, uniquely independent businesses and a thriving socially-minded community....I believe we will be the only brewery that will be 100% woman and 100% LGBTQ+ owned in the city of Boston."

Located at 3200 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, this fledgling froth factory isn't just about serving pints—they're pouring their ethos into the mix with a clear vision to uphold "the tenets of equity, diversity and equality in our staffing and our customer base," forging one hell of a progressive path as heralded on their official brewery website. With deep roots in the community and an eye toward innovation, Drawdown Brewing is on track to not just carve but outright sculpt a niche in Boston's celebrated brewery scene—in a city known just as much for its salt-of-the-earth folk as for its revolutionary spirit, that's something we can all drink to.