Locals Battle Silicon Valley's 'Utopian' City Plans in Solano Showdown

Locals Battle Silicon Valley's 'Utopian' City Plans in Solano ShowdownSource: California Forever
Tony Ng
Published on November 24, 2023

At a recent Solano County council meeting, fervent opposition surfaced against 'California Forever,' a proposed 53,000-acre eco-friendly city. The project, backed by high-profile names like Jan Sramek, Reid Hoffman, and Marc Andreessen, faced a vocal local pushback. Resistance focused on skepticism about the billionaire’s promise to enhance local water resources, with opposition vigorously publicized at a Solano County Water Authority meeting.

Project advocates have tried to downplay the backlash, yet Brian Brokaw’s comments to The Daily Beast about a 'small but vocal minority' have not tamed resident concerns. Voices like Jim DeKlowe and Jeanne McCormack, whose families have long roots in the area, shared their vehement opposition. McCormack’s determination is evident in her statement, "I will die trying to stop this thing from happening."

The group's secret acquisition of land valued at nearly $800 million has hardened community attitudes. Anger increased when details emerged of a $510 million lawsuit against obstinate landowners, a narrative amplified by The Daily Mail. The sentiment against the tech moguls has intensified following a security probe at the nearby Travis Air Force Base conducted by the Treasury Department.

A 'Community Advisory Committee', which includes 21 local residents, was established as an effort to engage the community, as reported by The Daily Beast. However, it's uncertain if this gesture will assuage community dissent. With planned town halls and increased community engagement efforts, the billionaires appear unwavering in their vision. The upcoming November vote will be a crucial juncture in determining whether the project moves forward or stalls.