Sagamore Shutdown Sparks Cape Cod Traffic Nightmare as Cops Probe Bridge Crash

Sagamore Shutdown Sparks Cape Cod Traffic Nightmare as Cops Probe Bridge CrashSource: Facebook/Bourne Police Department
Benjamin Cortez
Published on November 26, 2023

Chaos on Cape Cod today as the Sagamore Bridge has been shuttered to motorists in both lanes following a harrowing smash-up. The Massachusetts State Police, along with the local Bourne Police force, have jumped into action, scrambling to investigate the crash that has sent traffic into a tailspin. According to a statement taken from the Bourne Police's Facebook page, commuters are now being advised to steer clear and to start to seek out detours.

Traffic apps have lit up with alternate routes, though no solution seems unmarred by delays. Bourne Police have not only been assisting with the traffic but have also acted as harbingers of updates to the publicly edgy motorists, who must now add unexpected hours to their journeys.

As State Police continue to piece together the puzzle of the crash, people have been forced to momentarily pause and recalibrate their routines. It should be abundantly clear that no amount of planning can guarantee to avoid an interruption in the lifeline that spans the Cape Cod Canal.

Currently, there is no estimated time when the bridge will reopen, and officials are urging travelers to remain patient. The investigation remains ongoing, and details regarding the cause of the accident or any possible injuries sustained have not yet been released.