San Diego's Perry Elementary Breaks Ground on Campus Transformation Honoring Military Families

San Diego's Perry Elementary Breaks Ground on Campus Transformation Honoring Military FamiliesSource: San Diego Unified School District
Ben J. Costas
Published on November 09, 2023

Oliver Hazard Perry Elementary School celebrated National Veterans and Military Families Month yesterday by breaking ground on a campus transformation and a new joint-use field. As per a news release from the San Diego Unified School District, the ceremony featured the Morse High School Army JROTC’s Color Guard, a National Anthem singer, the Drum Corps, students, families, and district leaders. It marks the school's commitment to enhancing the learning environment for military families in the region.

"With this groundbreaking falling on National Veterans and Military Families Month and right before Veterans Day, we can celebrate our military families and students," said Micheline Morales, Principal of Perry Elementary. The project aligns with the celebration of these families, who contribute significantly to the school community.

The development project, which has ambitious goals, is receiving funding from the capital bond improvement program of the San Diego Unified School District. It will construct three new buildings, renovate classrooms and outdoor play areas, and establish a new grass playfield. Provisions have also been made for expanded student services, including a new lobby and support offices. "Every student, in every neighborhood, deserves the best education and the best facilities," asserts Dr. Lamont Jackson, Superintendent for the district. Perry is just one of the many schools undergoing such enhancements.

In addition to the structural improvements, the plan also includes new outdoor play structures featuring shade canopies, a student quad, and hardscape play areas. The news release added that the community is set to benefit from a new joint-use field with amenities for walking, running, and basketball, as well as benches, drinking fountains, and gated fencing that separates the joint-use park area from the main campus, under the Play All Day partnership with the City of San Diego. These areas will be open to the public beyond school hours and during breaks.

Since its inauguration in 1954, Perry Elementary has dedicated 69 years of service to the Lincoln Military Housing neighborhood of Paradise Hills, with a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education. Through the makeover, the school, like many others in the district, can continue its commitment to delivering excellent education and facilities to all students, including those from military families. By early 2026, when the construction is completed, the community can anticipate an even more vibrant Perry Elementary.

Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, Board of Education Trustee for District E, expressed, "The future of schools in my sub-district has never been brighter. We are rebuilding and inspiring students."