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UFCU Banks on Georgetown Launches Cozy New Branch Amidst Economic Thorns

UFCU Banks on Georgetown Launches Cozy New Branch Amidst Economic ThornsSource: Google Street View
Ryan Anderson
Published on November 29, 2023

In the midst of an economic landscape that could at best be called as prickly, University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) is doubling down its commitment to Central Texans. UFCU, known for nestling itself into the community, has flung open the doors to a trailblazing Georgetown branch, equipped with state-of-the-art banking technology and dedicated financial gurus.

The new location at 4409 Williams Dr, promises to be more than just a spot to cash your checks. It boasts of a 24/7 drive-through ATM and a plethora of member services, cozied up next to the local H-E-B. With a decor inspired by Georgetown's own vibrant scene—like a custom mural from local talent Devon Clarkson—the financial hub is intent on being a friendly face in a crowd of cold institutions. "As a long-time member of the growing Georgetown community myself, I’m thrilled to help UFCU open its doors and become an integral partner to this city," Lisa Brady UFCU Georgetown branch manager said.

This launch comes as UFCU reveals insights from its quarterly "Spending Index," which noted that while overall spending is up year over year, the individual splurging has taken a 1-2% hit. What gives? Inflation, hovering at an unsettling 2.39% in October, might be the silent party pooper as residents brace themselves for the holiday spend-a-thon. From supermarkets to medical services, the wallet-tightening is evident despite earlier the upticks in some retail spaces. UFCU CEO and President Michael Crowl chimed in by stating, "This holiday season, many may find it challenging to keep up with typical spending habits when it comes to travel, gifts, and other leisure spending categories. Further utilization of credit is likely for additional purchasing power." stated to PRNewswire report.

UFCU also expanded its membership by incoorperating Southwestern University's faculty, staff and bright-eyed students into their fold as of Spring 2023. "Georgetown is the fastest growing city in the country, and we’re honored to be a part of this impressive community," Chris Turnley, Executive Vice President of Member Experience, as reported by UFCU report

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