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UMass Amherst Startup Xheme Breaks New Ground with Revolutionary Additive for Safer Materials

UMass Amherst Startup Xheme Breaks New Ground with Revolutionary Additive for Safer MaterialsSource: Google Street View
Sam Cavanaugh
Published on November 30, 2023

A startup sprung from the intellectual loam of UMass Amherst's Mount Ida Campus, Xheme, is trailblazing the path towards safer and more efficient materials with its cutting-edge additive. 

The genius of the Xheme Multifunctional Additives (XMAs) lies in their "holistic" approach. Kumar Challa, the brainchild behind Xheme and a man who seemingly aims to radically disrupt the conventional materials market, proudly proclaims that XMAs are "unlike any other additive being used in bioprocessing today." In terms that are sure to glue themselves to the mind of any savvy investor or industry insider, these particles are boasted to not only scavenge free radicals but also to eliminate peroxides, all while being regenerative, as UMass reports.

Their products were put to the test at UMass Amherst, and they have emerged not only unscathed but victorious. According to a statement by Michael Daley, the cell culture director at the UMass Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS), these XMAs demonstrated a "dose-dependent enhancement of cell proliferation of roughly 50%". These smart powders also pack a punch with their antimicrobial properties and robust defense against gamma, X-ray, and UV radiation.

The company's ingenious offerings have certainly not gone unnoticed; Fortune 500 companies are now lining up to incorporate XMA into their product lines. As detailed by UMass, Xheme's partnership with the industry heavyweights in plastics and paints is poised to bring XMAs to the masses. Adding to their strategic prowess, Xheme has smartly beefed up their leadership team with top-tier talent from the pharmaceutical sector and precision medicine, suggesting that they aim to not merely enter the market but to redefine it entirely.

By offering internships to students and forging partnerships across multiple areas of UMass, they're nurturing the very ecosystem that fostered their innovation. As UMII Director Kathryn Ellis tells UMass, Xheme is a shining exemplar of an innovative company that leverages. UMass's "multicampus expertise and capabilities."

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