Arlington's "Lights at Interlochen" Returns, A Free, Festive Drive-Through Wonderland Awaits in North Texas

Arlington's "Lights at Interlochen" Returns, A Free, Festive Drive-Through Wonderland Awaits in North TexasSource: City of Arlington, Texas
Richard Dawson
Published on December 07, 2023

Holiday cheer is coming back in a big way in North Texas as Arlington's Interlochen neighborhood gears up for its renowned "Lights at Interlochen" display. Kicking off December 15 through Christmas Day, more than 200 houses in this festive enclave will be decked out with eye-popping lights and holiday displays, a tradition that has brightened the season for years. Gawkers can take in the yuletide spectacle without spending a dime, as admission is free, according to the City of Arlington, Texas.

Determined to see the lights, visitors can join the parade of cars from 6:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. nightly. But take note: patience is a virtue here. Once you're in the game, the Arlington Police Department warns of inescapable hour-long waits as cars crawl through the lit-up labyrinth. And stick to a strict arrival cut-off; the last cars should line up by 10:00 p.m. if they want to guarantee a glimpse of the glitter.

It's a smooth ride once you enter Interlochen from Westwood Drive at Randol Mill Road; just follow the signs pointing the way. But make no mistake, all other access points are off-limits, and big no-nos include left turns from Bowen Road or Oakwood Lane. And don't forget, those driving anything bigger than a family van—think tour buses and limos—keep their wheels off courts like Porto Bello, Waltham, and Postbridge. A printable map is also up for grabs to navigate the holiday hustle and bustle without getting turned around.

With the neighborhood expected to be swamped with holiday voyeurs, the authorities have laid out ground rules to keep things moving. Everyone's got to belt up, that's non-negotiable, and when it says 'right lane must remain clear'—it's for those on the sleigh's express route, like emergency vehicles and residents. For a less congested experience, consider a weekday visit when the rubbernecking crowd typically thins out. Prepare to be parked in a slow-moving line because overtaking the festive follower in front isn't happening here.