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Austin Rolls Out $15K Green Dream Scheme to Boost Eco-Job Market

Austin Rolls Out $15K Green Dream Scheme to Boost Eco-Job MarketSource: Open Government Partnership
Ryan Anderson
Published on December 01, 2023

In an ambitious move to ramp up the city's green economy, Austin's bigwigs are rolling out the Green Workforce Accelerator Bandwagon. They're dangling a $15,000 carrot to entice orgs to hop on and juice up their green job programs, according to Austintexas.

The whole shebang is a team effort, with the Innovation Office joined at the hip with the Office of Sustainability, Economic Development Department, Parks and Recreation Department, and Austin Resource Recovery. Organizations that get picked will dive into a needs assessment and a cohort-based accelerator and have to spill the beans on their data post-program. Chief Innovation Officer, Daniel Culotta, “A strong ecosystem of organizations providing equitable access to green jobs is key to creating a sustainable and thriving Austin.” It's all about building muscle for the city and community to churn out primo green careers that hit Austin's strategic bullseye, as per the City of Austin, Texas.

For the pencil pushers and deadline hawks, you've got till the stroke of midnight on January 5, 2024, to get the paperwork in. Those making the cut will get the good news by late January or early February. Now, for the eager beavers, there's a sneak peek webinar on December 13 to give you the 411 on all the ins and outs. Get your digital seat booked and check out the details, according to

Remember, the clock's ticking, and Austin's not just whistling Dixie about their green dreams. It's a full-throttle race until May 2024, when the program wraps. 

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