Brisk Winds and Cooler Temps in Houston, Severe Thunderstorm Risks in Carolinas

Brisk Winds and Cooler Temps in Houston, Severe Thunderstorm Risks in CarolinasSource: National Weather Service
John Becker
Published on December 10, 2023

The brisk winds that characterized Sunday's weather are part of a broader meteorological spectacle that, according to the National Weather Service, has ushered in a high near 57 degrees in the Houston area, with north winds gusting as high as 25 mph. The NWS forecast, posted earlier today, highlighted clear skies continuing into the evening, with temperatures expected to drop to around 37 degrees.

The Storm Prediction Center from Norman issued a warning for a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms with the potential for wind damage and a few tornadoes across eastern parts of South Carolina and North Carolina, storms that are anticipated to strengthen throughout Sunday. An upper-level trough will move eastward across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys today. As explained by the SPC, this atmospheric disturbance is driving the weather narrative and bringing with it marginally severe wind gusts up and down the Atlantic Coastal region extending from Florida to the Mid-Atlantic.

As the week moves forward, the NWS forecast predicts Houstonians can look forward to sunny skies into Monday with a high near 61, and mostly sunny conditions persisting through Tuesday when temperatures could reach 65 degrees. Although late in the week, a shift in the weather pattern is expected, bringing showers likely by Friday with a 60 percent chance of precipitation.

Meanwhile, Houston didn't reach the record-breaking highs from the day before, but according to a report from Click2Houston, the weekend's cooldown was accompanied by brisk northwest winds. With a gale warning in effect through Sunday afternoon, boat owners were warned to secure their vessels against the gusts. As temperatures take a dip into the 30s come tomorrow morning, residents can expect to wake up to the third instance of such chill this season, with the forecast suggesting a slow climb back to average temperatures paired with sunshine in the days ahead, while rain threatens to enter the scene as the week wanes.