South Shore Taco Guy Sets Up Shop on Nantasket Avenue

South Shore Taco Guy Sets Up Shop on Nantasket AvenueSource: Instagram/south_shore_taco_guy
Sam Cavanaugh
Published on December 09, 2023

The South Shore's beloved taco truck is setting up permanent shop. The mobile munch haven known as the South Shore Taco Guy is taking its flavors to a new level, moving into a storefront on Hull's bustling Nantasket Avenue, as spotted by taco enthusiasts on the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group and reported by Boston Restaurants Blog.

Smith's venture has made waves south of Boston, known for elevating everyday gatherings with an interactive experience that goes beyond standard catering. According to the restaurant's website, the South Shore Taco Guy has been about "bringing ANY EVENT, at ANY LOCATION, to the NEXT LEVEL!" This commitment is set to continue at their brick-and-mortar location at 165 Nantasket Avenue, where homemade tacos, salsas, and side dishes aim to impress even the most discerning taco aficionados.

The move from four wheels to a fixed address is creating a buzz for beachgoers eager for a bite at one of the popular beach's newest neighbors. Smith's promise of scratch-made and authentic Mexican food is a tantalizing lure for a community that holds food quality and an engaging dining experience in high regard.