Man Fatally Shot by San Antonio Park Police After Trying to Grab Officer's Gun During Struggle

Man Fatally Shot by San Antonio Park Police After Trying to Grab Officer's Gun During StruggleSource: Google Street View
Jesse Hoffman
Published on December 10, 2023

A deadly altercation unfolded this morning when a man was shot and killed by San Antonio park police after reportedly trying to grab an officer's gun during a struggle, authorities said. The incident took place around 8:30 a.m. near Elmendorf Lake Park, close to Our Lady of the Lake University, according to Fox San Antonio.

The officers had responded to a domestic dispute. Escaping immediate engagement, the man instigated a chase as he fled the scene, leading to a backyard encroachment behind a residence. Attempted subdual through the use of a stun gun by one of the officers proved ineffective. "At some point, the suspect reaches for the officer's weapon. That's when other nearby officers opened fire, hitting the suspect," detailed the article from Fox San Antonio.

KSAT reports that San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus narrated the episode as a physical encounter between the first officer on the scene and the man, which escalated when a second officer intervened. The lethal shooting occurred when the suspect allegedly made a grab for the arresting officer's weapon, leading to the second officer taking the fatal shot.

Chief McManus revealed, "The man had four outstanding warrants, at least one of which was for allegedly trying to take an officer’s gun in a separate incident." He expressed that the information currently available is preliminary and may change upon further investigation. Despite the chaotic scene, neither of the officers involved were harmed. The identities of the man and the officers have not yet been disclosed. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, following the officer's after being shot, as the suspect lunged for the officer's gun.

An ongoing investigation is in place to determine the full scope of the incident. As updates and new insights become available, they will doubtlessly shape our understanding of the circumstances that led to this fatal outcome.