Business Titan Harvey Najim Champions Mega Holiday Food Distributions

Business Titan Harvey Najim Champions Mega Holiday Food DistributionsSource: Google Street View
Susan O'Brien
Published on December 04, 2023

San Antonio business luminary Harvey E. Najim has linked arms with the local Food Bank.“Harvey Najim is a great champion for children in our community, and his support this December will help ensure no child will go to bed hungry,” Eric Cooper, the Food Bank's president & CEO, confirmed in a report by Fox San Antonio.

The Najim Mobile Mega Holiday Food Distribution initiative through San Antonio relies on three major food distribution events. Families scraping by are encouraged to sign up post-haste for these lifelines, taking place throughout December. 

A gut punch to food security comes as the emergency boost to SNAP benefits has dried up, leaving many families short by around $90 to $100 a month. Melanie McGuire, the Chief Program Officer at the San Antonio Food Bank, dissected the bleak situation in a chat with KSAT. “There’s lots of opportunities you could use your support in right now, particularly to serve that elevated need—all of our volunteer opportunities on our website. You can host a food drive or donate a monetary donation, and all of those are very much appreciated as we help our San Antonio families,” McGuire articulated.

“Before the pandemic, the San Antonio Food Bank was serving about 60,000 families a week in our communities. And so, you know, during the height of the pandemic, we saw a doubling effect. And now we’re still at a very elevated rate for many of our families. So it does mean longer lines... we’re really trying to help families amongst various facets of food insecurity,” McGuire said.

Currently, the Food Bank serves more than 100,000 families every week, a big increase from pre-pandemic levels.