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Published on December 19, 2023
San Diego's Illumina, Inc to Divest Cancer Detection Spinoff GRAIL Following Antitrust ChallengesSource: Google Street View

Biotech giant Illumina, Inc. is set to say goodbye to GRAIL, its promising cancer detection spinoff. This decision, announced on December 17, comes in the wake of a US appeals court judgment and European regulatory pressure as the San Diego-based company looks to comply with antitrust orders.

Falling in line after legal setbacks and regulatory hurdles, Illumina has made clear its intention to offload GRAIL through a sale or market transaction by the second quarter of 2024, as per a press release from the biotechnology firm. The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals laid down the law on December 15, deciding against Illumina in its battle with the Federal Trade Commission, a verdict that seemingly painted Illumina into a corner and propelled its ultimate contingency plan into action.

CEO Jacob Thaysen has put on a brave face amidst the shake-up, offering reassurances about the company's strategic focus. "We are committed to an expeditious divestiture of GRAIL in a manner that allows its technology to continue benefiting patients," Thaysen said. He remains upbeat about Illumina's future sans GRAIL, emphasizing continued customer support and the firm's long-term prospects.

The release did carry its fair portion of caution, though, flagging potential pitfalls such as the execution of the divestment and the ongoing legal wrangles that could drag results down a different path than desired. Challenges that aren't just ordinary speed bumps for Illumina could potentially divert the company's current business trajectory and future operations, together with other risk factors detailed in their SEC filings, which include their latest 10-K and 10-Q forms.