Theory Wellness Launches Massachusetts' First Cannabis Beverage Dispensary in Medford

Theory Wellness Launches Massachusetts' First Cannabis Beverage Dispensary in MedfordSource: Theory Wellness
Mitch M. Rosenthal
Published on December 18, 2023

Medford residents looking to sip rather than smoke their THC are in luck, as Theory Wellness introduces Massachusetts' first beverage dispensary dedicated to cannabis-infused drinks. According to The Boston Globe, Theory Wellness has set up shop in what promises to be a haven for cannabis enthusiasts and the "canna-curious" alike, offering a variety of seltzers, sodas, and energy drinks laced with THC, the main ingredient in marijuana that provides the high.

Positioned prominently next to a semi-attached dispensary that will be pushing all the other cannabis mainstays, Theory Wellness's Hi5 Beverage Dispensary has made splashes before even opening its doors. Offering its own line of Hi5 cannabis sizzles, the brand is stepping confidently into a market that’s showing signs of swelling to nearly $4 billion by 2030. Born out of a former dealership, the unique locale at 162 Mystic Ave also houses the Medford Center for the Arts, establishing an almost serendipitous blend of culture and cannabis.

Theory Wellness is not just any Massachusetts dispensary; it manages operations from cultivation to retail, providing an extensive range of products for both medical and recreational use. With medical cannabis delivery earrings in most of Eastern Massachusetts and a triad of dispensaries that have become award-winning destinations, their approach is firmly rooted in quality and patient education.

Brandon Pollock, Chief executive of Theory Wellness, told The Boston Globe, "It’s a mild cannabis product. For folks who have not used cannabis before, the effect of one beverage is similar to one glass of wine or one beer." Speaking to the burgeoning demand for alternatives to traditional cannabis consumption methods, Theory's Hi5 Soda promises more than your regular cola fix. Each can is crafted to take effect in as little as five minutes, catering to a modern crowd that's after both novelty and immediacy.

While the storefront aims to entice with its thematic flair and competitive pricing, Theory Wellness also recognizes the broader implications of their industry's evolution. As Pollock notes, the integration of their venue with the arts and the possibility of future consumption lounges reflect a pioneering spirit, with an eye firmly set on the shifting dynamics of marijuana consumption in social settings.