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Published on February 28, 2024
VIDEO: Denton Police Officers Herald as Heroes After Saving Woman from Submerged Vehicle on I-35WSource: City of Denton, Texas

In the early morning darkness, a woman's life hung in the balance until Denton police officers rushed to her aid following a harrowing plunge off a bridge on I-35W. The Denton Police Department reported that around 2:29 a.m., a vehicle was spotted overturned in a creek, just south of Vintage Boulevard. A call to 911 initiated the rescue operation.

Officers Hupp and Lopez, responding to the call, located the vehicle and heard the cry for help in the form of persistent honking. With no time to spare, they shed their gear to traverse the treacherous waters. "Officers called out to anyone inside, and the woman began to sound the horn," recounted the City of Denton Police Department.

To reach the victim, Officer Lopez broke the window on the rear driver's side and pulled the woman to safety. Both officers then assisted her to the safety of dry ground where medics were waiting. She was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, even as an investigation into a potential DWI case began.

Recognition for the officers' quick and decisive actions has been widespread. "We would like to thank Officer Lopez, Officer Hupp, and the 911 caller for their quick actions to help save this woman's life," declared the Denton Police Department, emphasizing the valor and prompt response that turned what could have been a tragedy into a story of survival and quick-witted heroism.