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Published on February 28, 2024
Fort Worth Police Seek Witnesses After Road Rage Shooting Near Southwest High SchoolSource: Google Street View

Fort Worth police are on the tail of a road rage shooter who let loose near Southwest High School. The incident unfolded on Altamesa Blvd, a stone's throw from the school grounds. Despite the proximity to the educational institution, the Fort Worth Police Department has swiftly quashed any speculation of a connection to the school or its students. "At this time, we have no reason to believe that this is connected to a school or students," the Fort Worth Police Department stated. The incident report came through late Monday night, and as of now, Southwest High School has not been placed under lockdown.

The scene remains hot, as detectives comb through to piece together what erupted into a dangerous exchange. Authorities have not yet released information about potential suspects or any victims caught in the crossfire. However, the force is keen to specifically urge anyone who might have witnessed the incident to come forward with information. The burden for the community to aid in these inquiries weighs ever present, a harbinger for closure and justice.

Maintaining a vigil on the situation, authorities are now to thoroughly investigate and bring to light the intentions behind the confrontation. School administration and local law enforcement remain steadfast in their efforts to reassure the public of students' safety. The investigation continues to unfold with the police earnestly appealing to the public for any possible leads or footage that may have captured the harried moments.