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Published on February 23, 2024
Houston Man Dies After Seizure in Custody, Authorities Launch Investigation into Anthony Simmons' DeathSource: Google Street View

Houston authorities are probing the mysterious death of a man, Anthony Simmons, 32, who died this past Thursday night following a series of interactions with local law enforcement and medical personnel, officials disclosed.

Simmons met his untimely end at St. Joseph Medical Center at approximately 11:20 p.m., but the circumstances leading up to that moment began earlier in the week when Baytown Police nabbed him on a misdemeanor theft charge and later transferred him to the Harris County Joint Processing Center, as per the City of Houston reports.

The saga took a turn when jail workers initially turned Simmons away on Wednesday, prompting a visit to Ben Taub General Hospital for medical clearance, he got released early morning and was shuttled back to the joint processing center ready to be processed but not long after, Simmons found himself in dire straits, desperately requesting "withdrawal" medication, according to officials.

After seeking aid, Simmons reportedly suffered a seizure, shortly following his plea for help, which swiftly spiraled into a medical emergency and despite receiving immediate medical attention by jail staff, he required further care and was rushed to St. Joseph Medical Center, where he would eventually be pronounced dead, the investigation as reported by the City of Houston News is ongoing and hinges on the pending results of an autopsy.

The Houston Police Department's Special Investigations Unit is leading the charge in the case, which follows the standard protocol for in-custody deaths occurring within city limits, ensuring every stone is turned in the quest to uncover the truth behind the unfortunate demise of Anthony Simmons.