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Published on February 26, 2024
LAFD Quells MidCity House Fire Amid Excessive Clutter, No Injuries ReportedSource: Google Street View

Early this morning, a structure fire broke out in a one-story home in MidCity, producing heavy smoke that enveloped the residence. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the incident, reported as INC#0337, was first alerted at 07:24 AM at 2219 S Orange Dr. Crews from the LAFD were dispatched to confront the blaze in what would become a strenuous fight against the flames.

The firefighting teams faced considerable challenges upon arrival due to extreme clutter restricting movement inside the home. Ventilation crews were spotted cutting through the roof as part of their strategy to release the heat and smoke, as well as to directly attack the heart of the fire. "Crews forced entry into the home, to find their movement impeded by excessive storage inside," reported the LAFD's statement on the knockdown of the fire. The majority of the fire was located in the attic, demanding an aggressive approach by the firefighters.

In a coordinated response, 32 firefighters from stations including FS 68, under Batt 18 and South Bureau command, were able to subdue the flames within a short span, achieving a knockdown by 07:51 AM. The fast-paced operations did not just involve extinguishing the flames, but also conducting a thorough primary search for any occupants, which, thankfully, yielded no one inside.

The LAFD confirmed that the operation concluded without any injuries to occupants or firefighters. "Ultimately, it took 32 firefighters 27 minutes to extinguish the flames. No reported injuries," the LAFD noted the efficiency and safety of the responders during this incident.