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Published on February 29, 2024
McDonald's Expands Speedy Service with Second "On-The-Go" Drive-Thru in North TexasSource: Flickr / PatrickRich

McDonald's is gearing up to construct a new fast-food experience with its second "On-The-Go" location, set to break ground this coming April in North Texas. This drive-thru-centric spot, exclusively serving customers with a penchant for speed and convenience, expects to wrap up construction by the end of August. The "On-The-Go" model, first tested in White Settlement last December, tosses the traditional dine-in option aside, according to information obtained by The Dallas Express.

The building, slated for 5300 White Settlement Rd, is projected to swiftly serve up Big Macs and fries without the need to get off the comfort of your car seats. This 1,927-square-foot location is set to quickly satiate the hunger of customers using mobile apps, and with a push to further extend the Golden Arches' reach, the company announced plans in December to ambitiously open its 50,000th location by 2027. "As I’ve said before, there has never been a better time to be part of Brand McDonald’s," voiced Chris Kempczinski, CEO and president of McDonald's, in an announcement referenced from The Dallas Express.

State filings, as shown on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website, detail an estimated construction cost of $1 million. This latest addition to the McDonald's family promises to amalgamate traditional drive-thru services and innovations like conveyor belt order delivery, kiosks, and dedicated courier pick-up rooms. Customers can expect a seamless pick-up of their orders, without the frills of on-site dining.

With this second "On-The-Go" location, positioned at the forefront of a bustling thoroughfare, McDonald’s intends to fully leverage its global footprint. "Enhancements, such as improving the physical layout of the drive-thru with additional lanes, creates additional capacity, which improves speed and efficiency and ultimately leads to sales growth and strong returns," McDonald’s stated, marking the company's commitment to continuous innovation as covered by The Dallas Express.

Handling the design of the new site is JAW Architects, Inc. of Fort Worth, with private funds footing the bill for the build-out of this privately used land. The project initiator and owner, McDonald's USA LLC, has its Chicago-based headquarters overseeing the venture, while the facilitation of plan reviews and inspections rests in the hands of a Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS). Compliance with state codes will be ensured by an inspection required within a year of the project's completion.

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