Plano Police Department Advises on Recognizing and Combating Stalking, Affirms Victim Support Resources

Plano Police Department Advises on Recognizing and Combating Stalking, Affirms Victim Support ResourcesSource: Plano Texas Police Department
Nate Simmons
Published on February 12, 2024

Stalking is a pervasive and often insidious form of abuse, one that leaves its victims living in a constant state of fear. Defined as behavior that would make any reasonable person feel unsafe, stalking includes a range of actions from unwanted communication to physical following. This type of abuse can be inflicted by anyone, known or unknown to the victim, and affects people of all demographics.

To better protect oneself, experts suggest immediately seeking help if feeling endangered, as well as meticulously documenting every incident. It is essential for those impacted to save any potentially incriminating evidence such as phone calls or emails, stated the Plano Police Department in a recent Facebook post. These records can assist in reporting the stalker to authorities and securing a protective order.

Moreover, local resources provide advocacy and support for stalking victims. Agencies, police departments, and district attorney’s offices often employ advocates who can guide victims through the process of securing their safety. Blocking the stalker on all digital platforms and reporting any threatening behavior is also crucial, the Plano Police added in their online guidance.

Opening up about the ordeal is a formidable step toward regaining control over one's life. Sharing the experience with a trusted friend, family member or counselor can not only usher in much-needed support but equally assist in devising a strategic safety plan. "Stalking is not your fault and you deserve to live without fear," emphasized the Plano Police Department.

Victims seeking further assistance can reach out to Plano Police Victim Services, Hope’s Door New Beginning Center, Turning Point Rape Crisis Center, and the National Center for Victims of Crime among other organizations committed to providing help and guidance. #KnowItNameItStopIt #NSAM2024 #stalkingawareness