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Published on February 24, 2024
Ramsey County Residents to Receive Spring Tax Statements and Property Valuation Notices in MarchSource: Unsplash/Elizaveta Kushnirenko

It's that time of year, folks. Residents across Ramsey County should keep an eye on their mailboxes in mid-March for a pair of important financial documents: the spring tax statements and property valuation notices. According to Ramsey County's latest announcement, these papers will break down everything you need to know about your property taxes and how much your real estate is worth on the market.

Here's the deal: your tax statement's going to show your dues and when those payments are due. They're also throwing in some info about state refund programs that could save you some green. The valuation notice is a bit different—it details your property's classification, its estimated market value, and its taxable market value. The last one's especially key since it sets the stage for your property taxes that'll be due in 2025. Ramsey County warns you to go through that valuation notice with a fine-tooth comb—if something looks off, now's the time to raise your hand and appeal.

To ensure everyone gets the gist of what they're looking at, the County put together a few short videos. They're designed to help you make sense of your property tax and value statements in a handful of languages, including Hmong, Karen, Somali, and Spanish. Understanding your property tax obligations can be tricky, but Ramsey County is making an effort to bridge that gap for its diverse homeowner population.

If you're wondering about getting a hand back from the state, listen up. There's a chance you could be in line for a property tax refund. And don't count yourself out just because you didn't qualify last year—eligibility requirements change annually. For the full scoop on refunds, hit up the Minnesota Department of Revenue.