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Published on February 25, 2024
San Antonio Man Suspected of Gang Ties Charged With Making Terroristic ThreatsSource: Central Records

A San Antonio man with alleged gang ties is now in custody, accused of making terroristic threats toward a local business, this incident having heated up last summer when threats of violence disturbed the peace of a routine day.

31-year-old Ignacio Fraire, identified as a gang member, reportedly issued a volatile threat to "shoot this b**** up" as he hung out of a vehicle window — an outrageous scene that unfolded July 18th after a confrontation involving his sister and the business employees, the situation escalated quickly as she, too, got into an altercation, then hit another vehicle with hers as she backed up in the parking lot, and Fraire had fled before the cops arrived at the scene.

In a statement obtained by FOX San Antonio, the affidavit details how police responded to the disturbance call at said business where Fraire's sister had been employed, only to discover that it was indeed her brother’s inflammatory speech that turned the ordeal into a matter of public safety.

Fraire now faces charges for making Terroristic Threats, a severe allegation that speaks to broader issues of gang violence and its grim grip on community stability — his arrest stands as both a relief and a reminder, the reminder that our city squares, often filled with commerce and quiet routine can too quickly become stages for the theater of the street, in which the scripting is all too real and the consequences too dire to ignore.

Relying on the quick responses from patrol officers who converged upon the scene after the outbreak, and witness accounts, law enforcement was able to identify and charge Fraire, marking a small, yet significant step in the city's ongoing battle against gang-related disturbance and intimidation.