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Published on February 23, 2024
Seattle Seeks Expertise for SR 99 Corridor Overhaul in South Park with $1 Million Contract on the LineSource: Google Street View

Seattle's South Park neighborhood is tipping its hat to the future, with the City eyeing an overhaul of the SR 99 corridor that slices through the community. In a push for a radical reimagining, the Office of Planning and Community Development is scouting for qualified firms to conduct a suite of planning and mobility studies. This two-year gig, with the option to extend, comes packed with the hefty task of drafting a Community Vision Plan, molded by hefty analyses of highway reconfigurations and their ripple effects on daily life in South Park.

The City, in a statement obtained by, reserves the right to alter the terms, issue addenda, or scrap the solicitation altogether. This adherence to flexibility could leave consultants on their toes, no matter how much elbow grease they put into their pitches. The cherry on top is a negotiated hourly rate contract starting at $1 million, anticipated to unfold between April 2024 and mid-2026.

The selected consultancy will have its plate full: managing the project on a tight schedule using state and federal dough, shaking hands across agencies, and crunching numbers to weigh out the impacts of various road configurations. Firms will angle to tick all the boxes — showcasing their personnel, experience, scheduling prowess, and their knack for dancing to the tune of WSDOT/FHWA standards. All while weaving in measures to hit that 19% contract goal for disadvantaged business enterprises, because, let's face it, equity isn't just a buzzword.

As per the City's directive, the winning firm will have to make sure they're not just spitting out data but crafting a narrative that even the average Joe can get behind. Their findings need to be not just well-organized, but graphic-rich and compelling too. Questions about the solicitation can be shot over to Cayce James at [email protected] before proposals email-stampede in by the deadline, March 28, 2:00 p.m. For those looking to get a jumpstart, an online Pre-Submittal meeting is slated for March 5

Keeping inclusivity in check, the City harps on its allegiance to nondiscrimination via Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA. Those needing the nitty-gritty in a different format can ping Cayce James or dial in. So, here's to the next chapter for South Park, set against the backdrop of a Seattle ever eager to hustle forward, mindful of its communities, and undeterred by the complexities strewn across the urban planning battleground.