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Published on February 29, 2024
Second Teen Arrested, Charged with Capital Murder in Dallas Shooting of Noah WillisSource: Dallas Police Department

A second teenager has been slapped with capital murder charges in the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Noah Willis in Dallas earlier this month. Tykendriyan Duke, 19, was cuffed on Monday, with his bond set sky-high at $1 million, according to Dallas County jail records.

The arrest follows the earlier capture of Laquinton Bass, 18, who is also staring down the barrel of a capital murder charge, with a bond set at a whopping $1.25 million. The duo are accused of accosting Willis and another victim as they trekked home from a Walmart on the tragic afternoon of Feb. 17, as The Dallas Morning News reported.

It was on Rockport Drive in Oak Cliff where the encounter turned deadly. Willis was gunned down after refusing to hand over his belongings when Duke and Bass allegedly demanded them at gunpoint, according to police statements. Willis's companion surrendered her phone and cash, but it wasn't enough to prevent the violence that ensued. Duke is said to have fired multiple shots at Willis before fleeing the scene by car, as per FOX 4 News.

Details surrounding the case surfaced after the driver of the getaway vehicle went to police the following day, providing an account of the shooting. In a statement law enforcement shared, the driver recounted that Duke wanted to "talk to one of the boys about money he owed him." This conversation, however, was punctuated by gunshots before the suspects scrambled back to the car. Bass allegedly inquired Duke regarding the necessity of the shooting, to which Duke chillingly replied that "things got out of hand" and that he had "shot the boy in the leg," The Dallas Morning News detailed.

This second arrest marks an advancement in a case that had left the local community grasping for answers and justice. As the story continues to unfold, details will be provided as the legal process bears its weight upon a pair of suspects now bound in a deep thicket of the judicial system.