St. Paul Hmong Community Rallies Support for Family After Tragic Fire, Funerals Planned for Four Children

St. Paul Hmong Community Rallies Support for Family After Tragic Fire, Funerals Planned for Four ChildrenSource: Hmong 18 Council
Ariel Kozlov
Published on February 12, 2024

The aftermath of a deadly January 3 fire in St. Paul has seen the tight-knit Hmong community rallying around a father who suffered an unimaginable loss. Pacheng Vang, who lost four of his children in the blaze, is still waiting and watching as his wife remains in a coma and his 6-year-old son undergoes therapy to regain mobility, FOX 9 reported.

Moving forward with the support of local community leaders, Vang has announced the scheduled funerals for his children. An anonymous donor stepped forward after a report last month to provide burial plots for the four. "I really appreciate her for [doing that] during this tough time," Vang told FOX 9. "Her help really showed the path, opened the door for us."

The outpouring of support didn't end with the donation of burial plots. A GoFundMe page set up to assist the family has collected more than $500,000 to help cover the extraordinary medical expenses and funeral costs. The fundraiser will remain active until the last child is laid to rest, providing a crucial lifeline for the Vangs during this grueling time, as per details shared by KARE 11.

The family's spokesperson shared a glimmer of hope in the midst of grief. Their 3-year-old daughter, a spark of joy amid despair, has been discharged and is recuperating at home. Meanwhile, the community continues to hold its breath for the mother and the 6-year-old, with family members voicing their continued hope. "Every night Pa Cheng hopes for a miracle. And he hopes and he prays that he doesn't have to say goodbye to another member of his family,” a community leader quoted.

The community's strength and unity in the face of such tragedy is a testament to its resilience and the profound bonds that tie its members together. As preparations for the upcoming funerals of the Vang children are underway, the family's loss has clearly become a shared sorrow, and their burden, a collective one to bear.