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Published on February 13, 2024
Super Micro Computer Buys Former Fry's Electronics Site in San Jose for $80M Cash, Plans for Tech Hub EmergeSource: Google Street View

The Silicon Valley landscape is set for yet another transformation, with the former Fry's Electronics site in San Jose transitioning from an abandoned tech store to a potential tech hub, as reported by NBC Bay Area. Super Micro Computer, a significant player in the IT equipment sector, has snapped up the nearly 20-acre property for a cool $80 million, doing the deal entirely in cash.

Once famed for its Mayan-themed aesthetic, the site had been eyed for a housing development amid the Bay Area's housing crunch. Yet, that plan has been benched, as Super Micro Computer bought the East Brokaw Road property, according to SFGate. Though the company has remained tight-lipped about its intentions for the land, its recent SEC filings revealed plans to shell out $80 million in cash for an unmentioned property, with the transaction expected to close as early as February.

A once thriving chain, Fry's Electronics buckled under the pressure of online shopping competition, closing all its 30 stores by 2021. The San Jose spot was the original headquarters for Fry's business, started by brothers John, Randy, and David Fry. It was known for its eye-catching, thematic designs across various locations.

Meanwhile, the region continues to feel the pinch of a housing shortage. The abandoned proposal for the East Brokaw Road location included a mix of townhomes, detached single-family houses, and an apartment building. As a news release from the City of San Jose mentioned in 2022, "Since 2013, North San José has not seen a single housing development, exacerbating the region’s affordability crisis." Details about the new owner and their plans were not confirmed by the Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorder’s Office when SFGATE published their article.