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Published on February 28, 2024
Traffic Flow Restored in Dallas After 18-Wheeler Accident on NB I-35 Ramp to EB I-20Source: Dallas County Sheriff's Department

Commuters faced a major snag on the NB I-35 entrance ramp to EB I-20 when an 18-wheeler collided with a guardrail and became stuck, prompting a temporary road closure. The Dallas Sheriff's Department, through a Facebook post on February 27, warned of expected delays in the vicinity as wreckers arrived to haul away the entangled vehicle. According to the post, "Traffic Alert; NB I-35 entrance ramp to EB I-20 is closed at this time due to an 18-wheeler hitting the guardrail and becoming stuck."

The accident left no one injured, but it caused significant inconvenience to those accustomed to the route's steady flow. "Wreckers are on scene to remove truck," the sheriff's department added, suggesting that stranded drivers seek alternative roads. Running smoothly once again, the ramps were subsequently reopened for traffic, though the mishap had already inserted its share of chaos into the day's travel plans.

The Dallas Sheriff's Department did not report any further incidents related to the stuck 18-wheeler. The quick response of the wreckers and the lack of injuries reflects a best-case scenario in what could have been a more dire situation, had circumstances been slightly altered.

Ensuring road safety remains a priority, this incident, while thankfully minor in terms of human cost, serves as a reminder of the fragility of our daily commute. Currently, law enforcement has not provided details on the cause of the accident or any potential penalties for the truck driver involved.