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Published on February 26, 2024
TSMC Marks Construction Milestone for Phoenix Campus with Eye on 2025 Chip ProductionSource: Google Street View

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), a titan in the microchip industry, has clinched a crucial construction milestone with the final steel beam raised on their second semiconductor factory at its sprawling Phoenix, Arizona campus, the company outlined, indicating its leap towards kick-starting production in the near future.

The $40 billion venture underway at Fab 21 in north Phoenix is on a steady course to fire up its first chip fabrication facility for high-volume production by the first half of 2025, with a second facility that was initially slated for a 2026 launch potentially pushing to 2027 or 2028, influenced by variables such as customer demand and the allure of U.S. government incentives; this strategic delay exemplifies the fluid nature of high-tech infrastructure timelines, according to a report by ABC15 News.

"Our two fabs at TSMC Arizona will manufacture the most advanced semiconductor technology in the U.S., creating 4,500 direct high-tech, high-wage jobs and enabling leadership in the high-performance computing and artificial intelligence era for decades," Brian Harrison, president of TSMC Arizona, revealed in a forward-looking statement, emphasizing the scope and ambition of these facilities that stand to redefine the region's economic landscape.

With the Phoenix campus expected to stretch over 6 million square feet to support the dual fabs, significant progress marks the site where an average of 12,000 construction workers have toiled daily since 2021, while TSMC remains tight-lipped about the precise square footage or number of buildings concluded as of yet; the secrecy around these details highlights the competitive nature of the semiconductor industry, whereby every square inch is seen as a battleground for technological supremacy, the Business Journal reported.

Raising the stakes in the talent acquisition domain, TSMC has reportedly augmented its Arizona workforce to surpass 2,000 employees and is investing $5 million in a semiconductor technician apprenticeship program to further train 80 facility technicians over a span of five years, fostering an ecosystem ripe with skilled labor crucial for the success of its high-tech venture.

Amidst expanding its international footprint with the recent launch of Fab 23 in Japan and plans laid out for a German factory, TSMC could also benefit from a U.S. government boost as reports anticipate the announcement of substantial federal subsidies through the CHIPS Act to bolster major industry names like TSMC, Samsung Electronics Co., and Intel Corp., ushering in a rush of developments that could well alter the global semiconductor landscape.

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