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Published on February 28, 2024
Zaxby's Brings Back Beloved Milkshakes Exclusively to Middle Georgia, Stirs Sweet EnvySource: Facebook/Zaxby's

The shake-up in Georgia's fast-food scene is real, as Zaxby's has decided to reintroduce their storied milkshakes after a seven-year hiatus, but with a twist—they're being served exclusively in Middle Georgia. As reported by FOX 5 Atlanta, the Athens-based eatery announced the regional return of their creamy delicacies, available in chocolate, birthday cake, vanilla, and strawberry; a move that’s sure to stir some envy beyond Macon.

It appears that Zaxby's is gunning for a 'Milkshake Tourism' takeover in Macon, Georgia, welcoming locals and tourists to indulge in their exclusive shakes, according to a video released by Visit Macon on Facebook - a venture that not only caters to the sweet tooth of patrons but also aims to blend the city's storied history with flavorful sips. In a sweet note, Zaxby's chief marketing and strategy officer, Patrick Schwing said "Zaxby's delicious milkshakes have made their long-awaited return after years of requests from our most loyal fans," and he shared his excitement for visitors to join the delectable festivities in a statement obtained by PR Newswire.

The beloved Birthday Cake milkshake—blended with the essence of freshly baked cake, buttercream, French vanilla and topped with either real whipped cream or a maraschino cherry—is the crowning jewel in the Zaxby's shake throne, with other classic options keeping things nostalgically sweet. These shakes, now a homegrown commodity, are expected to churn up more than just dairy as they coax shake fans into the Middle Georgia heartland. Zaxby's has made their four flavors of hand-spun, hand-mixed nostalgia accessible at 20 locations, with the nearest to Atlanta situated just off Interstate 75 in Forsyth.

Macon's Mayor, Lester Miller, weighed on this exclusive shake shake-up, expressing his enthusiasm: "The return of Zaxby's milkshakes is an exciting development for Macon," Miller told PR Newswire, "We're thrilled to have Zaxby's be part of Team Macon-Bibb and showcase our city as the ultimate destination for milkshake lovers." His sentiment reflects the larger appetite for reclaiming Macon's position on the culinary map, as it seems the city is now stirring the pot, aiming to crown itself the Milkshake Capital of America.

For those craving the frosty nostalgia of a Zaxby's shake, they will have to make the trek to middle Georgia where the exclusivity of the creamy concoction is predicted to bring a flood of visitors lining up for a sip back in time. The move has made Macon an unexpected hot spot for milkshake aficionados, who are likely already mapping their routes.