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Published on March 01, 2024
Bloomington Rolls Out 'Welcome to Bloomington' Initiative to Engage New ResidentsSource: City of Bloomington

Bloomington, MN has rolled out the welcome mat with a new initiative aimed squarely at getting newcomers to dive headfirst into community life. The "Welcome to Bloomington" program, which started off in January, is more than a greeting—it’s a full-on invitation to immerse yourself in the local scene, with monthly meets, neighborhood events, and fairs that showcase the rich tapestry of the city. There's even a “bucket list” designed to get newbies to fully embrace their adopted hometown.

"We want to encourage people to check out their new community, so we developed a bucket list filled with fun things to do and places to visit," Faith Jackson, the city's Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, stated. Among the must-do activities are catching a high school play in Bloomington, braving the cold at a Winter Fete event, sauntering through the Mall of America, exploring local parks or trails, and strolling the farmers market. These aren't just suggestions; they're an engraved invitation to experience the heart of Bloomington life.

And it seems there's a little incentive to boldly tackle the list; residents who complete the whole shebang are promised a tangible slice of Bloomington pride—a T-shirt emblazoned with the city’s name. It’s more than just apparel; it's a badge of honor for those who've taken the time to really get to know where they live.

For those looking to keenly get involved or for more intel on the bucket list, the city has made it easy to connect. Prospective bucket list conquerors can reach out via email at [email protected] or can simply hit the city’s website for a rundown of the Welcome to Bloomington activities. Whether it’s the thrill of the theater or the bustle of the market, new residents have got countless ways to ingrain themselves into the fabric of this Minnesota city.

More information on this innovative approach can be found on their site at Welcome to Bloomington. It seems Bloomington is not just offering a new place to live, but a way to live anew in a community that emphasizes inclusion and engagement.