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Published on March 31, 2024
Blount County's Inaugural Volunteer Festival Celebrates Tennessee's Community Service EthosSource: Facebook/Blount County Mayor's Office

Blount County, known for its strong community spirit, turned that reputation into action with the launch of its first Volunteer Festival. This past Saturday, the event saw a gathering of over 30 nonprofits in one place, providing locals an opportunity to engage in charitable work and build connections within the community.

Participants included a diverse range of organizations seeking help from individuals across all skill sets. Wanda Davis, president of the Maryville Kiwanis Foundation, commented, "It’s crucial. I mean, everyone needs volunteers, every organization in the county is looking for volunteers." The festival served as a hub for community members to find a way to give back, no matter their background or abilities, according to WVLT.

Andrew Manzano and Alora Santoriello, who are recent arrivals in Blount County, went to the festival searching for volunteer opportunities. "It’s definitely important to show out and volunteer and do the best we can for the community, especially being a newcomer to the community, I want to make sure that I’m contributing and becoming a part of it," Andrew said, as per WVLT.

Driving this new initiative were two members of the Maryville Morning Cup Toastmasters Club. Robert McClelland, one of the co-coordinators, looking to spread the word about Blount County's passion for community service, said, "One of the things I admire about Blount County is there are so many people who want to volunteer here," in a statement obtained by WATE.

Celebrating the spirit of volunteerism intrinsic to the state's identity, the festival was a call to action for all community members, new and long-standing, to get involved and maintain the quality of life in Blount County that they cherish, as rpoeted by Ground News.