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Published on March 02, 2024
Dunwoody Ramps Up Police Recruitment With $15,000 Bonus and Launch of Crime Response TeamSource: Facebook/City of Dunwoody - Government

In a bid to beef up its police force amid a tight job market, the City of Dunwoody is pulling out the stops with a hefty $15,000 hiring bonus for new officers. This move comes as an aggressive play to counter a shortage in the force, marking a $5,000 increase from their previous offer. In an effort to also tackle local crime more efficiently, the city council isn't just stopping at bonuses, they've green-lit the creation of a specialized Crime Response Team.

Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan, expressed his optimism for the new strategy, "We believe the $15,000 bonus will help us attract experienced officers who will make our department even stronger," he said in a statement obtained by City of Dunwoody official website. The new Crime Response Team, equipped with three officers and, a sergeant will address drug trafficking, organized retail theft, and more.

The generous bonus is set to be disbursed incrementally to ensure officer retention: new recruits can expect $3,000 in their first pay period, with additional payouts stretched over three years. But the perks don't end there. Officers in Dunwoody also enjoy an $800 monthly housing stipend, city-paid healthcare, a take-home vehicle program, and a long list of other competitive benefits designed to attract the cream of the crop.

Eric Linton, Dunwoody's city manager, highlighted the supportive community and exceptional benefits in attracting top law enforcement talent. "With these new positions, excellent benefits, and strong community support, the Dunwoody Police Department is well-positioned for the future," Linton stated in a City of Dunwoody news release. The goal is clear: to create an environment where the best officers want to stay and serve.