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Published on March 30, 2024
Iconic Home of Developer Joseph Eichler in Atherton Listed for $6.4 Million After Six DecadesSource: Boyenga Team / Compass

Joseph Eichler's home in Atherton has hit the market for a cool $6.4 million, marking the first time the influential developer's residence has been up for grabs in six decades. This 19 Irving Ave. property was custom-designed by architects Anshen & Allen in 1951. It became a testing ground for Eichler's architectural innovations that would later define an era of California housing. According to Compass, the listing agency, the five-bedroom home is an example of what happens when an architect's residence doubles as a laboratory for design.

The unique property, which Eichler inhabited until 1965, is known for its open and angular layout, borrowing elements from nature such as floor-to-ceiling windows and a clever blending of indoor and outdoor spaces. Described by Compass as Eichler's "personal masterpiece," the home also features an array of built-in furniture and materials that were later incorporated into his more widespread projects. The nearly acre-large lot is situated in the sought-after Lindenwood neighborhood, hoping to attract buyers with its combination of historical significance and mid-century charm.

As noted by SFGATE, architects S. Robert Anshen and William Stephen Allen, who designed the home, became crucial collaborators in Eichler's ventures post-completion of his residence. Their work reflected the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright, although they never formally trained under him. The 3,700 square-foot home's unique geometry, particularly its triangular and polygonal motifs, is a testament to the architectural creativity of the mid-century.

In a testament to preserving history, the home has been maintained immaculately, with only the kitchen and landscaping receiving updates. Sporting a triangular design and adorned with Mid-Century Modern touches throughout, the dwelling has seen its fair share of history – from its construction to serving as a vibrant venue for the Feder family, who purchased the home from Eichler. Sean Feder shared with SFGATE memories of music and art appreciation within the home's walls, including parties with Beatles music and a colorful Picasso print that graced the living room.

Eichler's vision of affordable, practical, and beautiful homes has outlasted him as his real estate contributions continue to be celebrated. Known for opposing racial exclusion in housing, Eichler's legacy is cemented in the Bay Area and beyond, with homes he constructed garnering a "cult following," per the Eichler Network. The price tag of this iconic residence, now listed on Compass, starkly contrasts the $85,000 the Feders paid for it back in 1965.