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Published on March 30, 2024
San Francisco Celebrates New 3rd Street Bikeway Enhancing Safe Travel to Oracle ParkSource: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

San Francisco's streets are getting a makeover, courtesy of the SFMTA, and their latest effort, the 3rd Street Quick-Build Project, is all ready to roll. The city held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new two-way bikeway on 3rd Street between Townsend Street and the Lefty O'Doul Bridge. According to a press release from the SFMTA, this route is primed to provide a safer passage for cyclists, scooter enthusiasts, and pedestrians heading to various San Francisco hotspots, including Oracle Park.

Expressing his excitement, District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey, a regular bike-share user, told the SFMTA, "I am thrilled that 3rd Street between Townsend Street and the Lefty O’Doul Bridge will finally be connected with a two-way bike lane that will create a safer experience for people biking, scooting and rolling to their homes, jobs, local businesses and Oracle Park." His sentiments underscore the project's alignment with the city's Vision Zero and climate objectives. The support from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority has been pivotal in bringing the quick-build projects to fruition.

Demonstrating the swift progress of such projects, SFMTA Director of Transportation Jeffrey Tumlin highlighted the project's efficiency, remarking, "This project went from planning to completion in just six months. We have a critical link in our bike network with a safe and inviting option for no-carbon transportation." The initiative is part of SFMTA's plan to implement over 50 miles of Quick-Build safety improvements to foster a more bike-friendly city infrastructure.

The SFMTA has strategically positioned a bike share station before Oracle Park, offering racks accommodating over 100 bikes. Furthermore, the Giants Bike Valet program, overseen by the Bike Coalition, makes pedaling to a game a breeze. SFMTA Board of Directors Chair Amanda Eaken took pride in the project's swift turnaround, stating, "I’m delighted that we’re finally closing this key gap in our bike network to give people a safe, comfortable, convenient option to get to the ballpark – and skip the traffic."

The enthusiasm is matched by the San Francisco Giants, with Alfonso Felder, the team's Chief Operations and Experience Officer, expressing delight over the enhanced biking and walking options for fans arriving at Oracle Park. Accompanying the new bikeway, fans can also look forward to opening a new segment of the Bay Trail through Mission Rock’s China Basin Park in early April, further adding to the game day experience.