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Published on March 20, 2024
Silicon Valley Mogul Marc Andreessen Puts Extravagant $33.4M Atherton Estate on the MarketSource: Gullixson Team / Compass

Marc Andreessen, the Silicon Valley heavyweight and co-founder of venture capital behemoth Andreessen Horowitz, is offloading his lavish estate situated in the well-heeled town of Atherton. With a staggering price tag of $33.4 million, the property made headlines when it hit the market on Monday, as per a report by SFGATE. The sprawling estate, branded as "one of Atherton's most exceptional," occupies 1.55 acres and boasts five bedrooms amid its luxuriously tailored spaces.

Andreessen, alongside his wife Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, had previously acquired the home for $16.6 million back in 2007. Their time in Atherton has not been shy of controversy, with the couple standing amongst notable residents such as Steph Curry to notably oppose adding multifamily housing in the area in 2022. Yet, to possibly buck trends, Andreessen is also believed to have thrown financial weight behind a proposed utopian city in Solano County. Speculation is ripe as the duo have snapped up real estate to the tune of $255.5 million in Malibu, fuelling rumors that they might be set to permanently trade Northern for Southern California, according to the narrative suggested by SFGATE.

Andreessen, known for his firm’s early stakes in tech juggernauts like Facebook, Airbnb, and Slack, also garners attention for his robust advocacy of technology's unbridled progress and frequent social media commentary. His firm, a16z, is not a stranger to the corridors of power in Washington as it lobbies for support in technological development and seeks to align with governmental agencies that its portfolio companies target for contracts.

The property's listing on Compass gushes with pride about the estate's capacity to "host significant personal, professional, & philanthropic events." Further elements that make the estate stand out include a guest house, fountains, seven bathrooms, and its strategic location across from the exclusive Menlo Circus Club. The residence is not only well-appointed to cater to large gatherings with two kitchens but also adapts to quickly meet any media needs with both visible and concealed screens.

In an affluently competitive market, Andreessen's $33.4 million asking price is in line with Atherton’s high-end real estate transactions. Another property in the vicinity recently changed hands for $40 million, underscoring the value attached to the zip code, which has consistently topped the charts as the nation's most expensive. Despite their property's prominence in the real estate listings, both a16z and the estate's listing agents, Mary and Brent Gullixson, have declined to comment on the sale, maintaining their silence on the affair.