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Published on April 23, 2024
Atlanta's Own DJ Frank Ski Mixes Beats with Environmental Activism in New "Climate Change" AlbumSource: Unsplash/ Marcela Laskoski

Frank Ski, a well-known Atlanta DJ, is spinning a new kind of track. Far from the usual rhythm and blues, Ski is shaking up the scene with an ambient concept album "Climate Change," focusing on the pressing issue of environment degradation. The KISS 104.1 veteran, a familiar voice to many, dives into the climate discourse with a narrative that's audible, not vocal, stepping away from the mic to let nature do the talking.

In a concerted effort that meshes his love for nature, education, and the arts, Ski has for two decades guided the Frank Ski Kids Foundation, steering students towards expeditions designed to illuminate the grim realities of a world facing ecological upheaval. In places like the Amazon Rainforest, and the Great Barrier Reef, the veritable treasures of Earth now threatened by rising temperatures and shifting climates, Ski has witnessed firsthand the changes he seeks to underscore with his new musical venture. According to a WABE interview, the album features field recordings from these vulnerable locales.

The foundation's mission pivots on the axis of education, sculpting experiences that schools might not always furnish on their own. It's the kind of initiative that reveals the substance of Ski's ambient project, where the sounds of nature are archived and amplified to stir both awareness and action among listeners. "In order for us to change what climate change has done to our world, it’s going to take place over generations," Ski stated in a poignant conversation with "City Lights" host Lois Reitzes.

Ski's fervor for catalyzing societal transformation through younger generations, is palpable. His album, a homage to a world endangered, aspires to serve as a catalyst for an environmental renaissance, heralding a future where stewardship is as instinctive as tapping one's foot to a beat. He asserted, in the same interview, "If I can keep changing the lives of these children, then the changes that we need to make in our society are going to come from the younger people." It's a clear sign that while Ski may have his roots in music, his vision has branched out towards a horizon far beyond the airwaves.